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Clear light design with a special charisma

BRUCK, a leading German lighting manufacturer for home interiors, presents a new product for 2012, the minimalist luminaire Cranny. Whether as a recessed luminaire with steel or plasterboard housing, or surface mounted with aluminium housing - Cranny steps back in favour of the light. In so doing, the luminaire is so inconspicuous, you get the feeling it is literally “hiding”.

The different variants of the Cranny allow the subtle luminaire to be employed in various rooms, especially in the living, dining, hall, or bathroom area. The minimalist architectural design language of the luminaire makes room for the protagonist: the light. In this way, the observer’s attention is focussed on lighting features on walls, furniture or pictures. Thanks to the shared design language, the recessed and surface mounted variations of the Cranny can be combined to produce a uniform appearance.

As a recessed ceiling luminaire with plasterboard or steel plate housing, Cranny is suitable for mounting in suspended ceilings. As a mono or duo variant with one or two swivelling spotlights, fascinating lighting features can be created with the Cranny recessed ceiling light.

The luminaire with housing made of plasterboard is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and flush with it. Thus, the shape of this Cranny variant blends in with the ceiling. The plasterboard variant is attached joint to joint with the surrounding plasterboard panels during the ceiling construction. This means that the installation of the housing can be carried out easily, quickly and professionally by the ceiling constructor. Cranny with plasterboard housing is available as a  mono (WxL =100x100 mm) and duo variant (WxL=100x200 mm). The installation depth is 113 mm.

The variant with steel plate housing is designed for normal installation in ceiling cut-outs. It can therefore be integrated into finished plasterboard ceilings by simply cutting an opening into the ceiling. The Cranny recessed ceiling luminaire with steel housing is available as a mono (WxL=120x120 mm) and duo variant (WxL = 120x220 mm) in the colours chrome, matte chrome and white. The installation depth is 78 mm.

As a surface mounted ceiling luminaire, Cranny can be mounted directly on the ceiling. The visible light fitting becomes part of the furnishings and thus a means of architectural design. The ceiling mounted version of Cranny also has a predilection for the constructive. Its simple basic shapes make the luminaire into a modern, expressive object that creates targeted lighting features. The Cranny surface mounted ceiling luminaire with aluminium housing is available as a mono (100x100 mm) or duo version (100x200 mm) in the colours chrome, matte chrome and white.

Additional flexibility in lighting design is achieved by the different light optics. Using the anti-dazzle attachments and filters mounted in the retaining ring of the illuminant, the light can be adapted to meet the specific application even better. The all-round anti-glare screen provides for 360° C glare suppression and limits the beam angle to 60°. The diffuser promotes an even light with smooth transitions and thus ensures pleasant lighting devoid of harsh contours. The oval outline lens produces an oval beam and is thus ideal for lighting cupboards, shelves and pictures. The light trap results in a 20° glare suppression. With its restrained and clear design, Cranny immerses each living area in bright, accentuated light. At the same time, with the atmospheric 12V eco-halogen bulbs with max. 50 watts, you save up to 50 percent on energy as against conventional bulbs. On request, fitting with LED retrofit lamps is possible.

Source/author: BRUCK - written on: 06.07.2012 - (18584 views)

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