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Spirit of the time in lighting design

Futuristic design and modern LED technology for lighting long dining tables.

The lighting manufacturer BRUCK has come up trumps with an outstandingly designed, functional pendant light - just in time for the dark winter months. Lightweight design, precisely manufactured, high-quality surfaces and the most up-to-date LED technology - these features make the Squrve a lamp for today's smart, style-conscious generation.

Unparalleled flexibility

With a length of almost 100 cm, the Squrve is particularly well-suited for lighting a long dining table. Your focused light illuminates the table surface and allows those seated at the table to sit back in a subdued light. If the pendant luminaire is hung above the table surface at the optimal distance of 60 cm, then the view across the table is unobstructed and those sitting there are not dazzled by the light.

The distance of the Squrve from the table surface can be changed using an elegant height adjustment system. The luminaire can be operated simply by manipulating the wire draws on both pendulum rods.


The touch dimmer on the top of the Squrve allows you to continuously adjust the lighting - you can alter mood lighting according to preference. The practical memory function records the most recent brightness - this can be retrieved when the light is switched back on.

4 Colours

The surfaces of the Squrve are also flexible: you can choose from a varnished glossy white, glossy black, brushed chrome finish, as well as chromed surfaces.

Puristic appearance

The Squrve's simple appearance is enhanced by its elegance and functionality. This pot-pourri means the luminaire integrates well with different design options. Whether an accent in a modern ambience or a contrast to sedate furnishings - the adaptable Squrve gives a room an avant-garde appearance.

Innovative design requires forward-thinking technology

Thanks to the eight warm-white LED totalling 26 watts and 1600 lumen, the Squrve can provide both level and bright lighting for your dining table. The homely light creates an atmosphere of well-being and gives your dining room a futuristic touch. With a RA value of over 90, the high-quality LED render colour naturally and faithfully. Furthermore the innovative LED technology provides an energy saving of around 80% when compared with a conventional light bulb.

The LED used in the Squrve are located behind narrow light windows. This innovative light window restricts light to an angle of 2 x 60°, therefore guaranteeing good glare suppression. In addition downward light emission stops disruptive stray light from escaping the sides of the Squrve and creating a dazzling effect.

Source/author: Bruck - written on: 28.10.2012 - (20721 views)

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