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The novelty in the Cantara Glas product family - Cantara Glas Down Bar

The Cantara Glass-Down Bar offers new options for creative design. This elegant hanging luminary with three shades is ideal for lighting long dining tables. The luminary is available with black or white exterior and the interior is lined with gold metal leaf. The choice of the golden colour for the interior highlights the light's role in creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere at the dinner table. The housing including the canopy is in a neutral painted grey aluminium or a chrome-plated aluminium.

Other Members of the Family

The Cantara glass pendant light is available with 230V halogen lamp as a single lamp or a lighting system for Duolare 230V tracks. With 12V halogen lamps and plug contacts they can also be used for the POINT Plug system. The luminaries are available in black, white and cream. While the cream coloured luminary comes standard with a white interior, the black and white luminaries can be mixed and matched with silver or gold metallic paint. The white luminary is also available with a white interior. The Cantara Glass ceiling-mounted luminary shines out from the crowd with the same flexibility and is suited for different applications.


The same colour variations are also available in Cantara glass wall sconce. It is the perfect complement to ceiling-mounted, pendant or hanging luminaries in dining or living areas and also takes an excellent star turn in your hallway.


What characterises the Cantara Glas product family ?


The Cantara glass luminaries by BRUCK are eye-catching and will create just the right mood for your space. The elegant design of the luminaries, available in ceiling- or wall-mounted versions, as pendants and now as hanging lights, focuses on the essentials: light that bathes the room in warm sensual or brilliant cool light, whichever best meets your needs. The interior of these luminaries is covered with hand-applied gold or silver leaf. The finely textured, metal interior of the light gives these luminaries and your room a luxurious charm which will add a smart character to your living or working environment. While the gold leaf creates just the right mood for intimate get-togethers, the silver leaf helps you to keep a cool head when engaged in activities requiring a lot of concentration. The third version, a white interior, is simple and neutral and suitable for both relaxing and for working.

The exterior of the Cantara family's cylindrical shape is painted black, white or cream. The width of the metallic leaf and body colours can vary depending on the type of luminary. The lamp shades are 190 mm in diameter and 90 mm high.

The bulb is covered by a reflector made of hand-blown opal crystal. The unique holder is inserted into the cylindrical outer shell of the luminary in such a way that it is almost invisible from the outside and the glossy glass surface remains immaculate.


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