BRUCK 5-year LED warranty

The BRUCK 5-year LED warranty

BRUCK luminaires meet the highest quality standards.
Which is why BRUCK offers you as end user a 5-year warranty on the operation of your LED and its operating unit from the date of your purchase.
The prerequisite for this guarantee is that you register the purchase of your luminaire here.
The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. For more information, see the Warranty Statement.


To register for the warranty you will need:

  1. The article number of your BRUCK luminaire.
    The article number is located on a sticker on the luminaire and on the packaging.
  2. The date of purchase
    Please refer to your sales receipt or packing slip.
  3. Your personal details
    Your personal details will be used only in the even of a claim under warranty and are not shared with third parties.

  1.  Mr  Mrs
  2. (pdf, jpg, no larger than 2mb)
  3. I agree that the data provided for a request may be forwarded to a sales partner (agent, retailer, electrician) in my area. Additionally, I have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions / Data Privacy Statement of Bruck GmbH & Co. KG.: * 
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