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LED-DUOLARE – With indirect LED lighting for the right light effect

Are you looking for a particularly creative lighting option in which your ceiling plays the main part? Then we recommend the new LED DUOLARE in the 22 x 36mm size. The warm white indirect LED light with a colour temperature of 2700K gently brightens the ceiling and gives the room an impressive s...
BRUCK low-voltage rail and cable systems are now available with LED luminaires

Low-voltage rail or cable systems are a flexible and discreet solution for lighting in a sophisticated home environment. You can find compatible 12V system and jack luminaires at BRUCK, enabling you to quickly and easily adapt your VIA or HIGHLINE system just the way you need it.
Light optics remove glare and add more flexibility to your lighting design

When it is warm outside and the sun is shining brightly in the sky, good weather makes us happy and we like to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the glare. The bright rays that do not bother us outside or we even find pleasant, become a hindrance and distracts us in our own four wall...
MUNIQ now available in black and white piano laquer finish

MUNIQ has been demonstrating its versatility since 2010 with impressive atmospheric islands of light in hallways and staircases, as well as in living areas. MUNIQ is now even more universal with its new, elegant and modern coloured surfaces: the characteristic luminaires of Munich designer Thomas Erhard ar...
The novelty in the Cantara Glas product family - Cantara Glas Down Bar

The Cantara Glass-Down Bar offers new options for creative design. This elegant hanging luminary with three shades is ideal for lighting long dining tables. The luminary is available with black or white exterior and the interior is lined with gold metal leaf. The choice of the golden colour for...
Let us inspire you

High quality, innovative and functional lighting solutions for the sophisticated living environment are the core competence of the internationally orientated premium brand BRUCK. Therefore the lighting manufacturers devote themselves whole-heartedly to the relatively new discipline of the LED-lamp technology, which is considered as the future of...
Transparency all along the line

Massive lightness and extravagant lighting effect for modern dining table illumination. Transparency, the pendant luminaire from company BRUCK, brings fascination with its stunning contrast – the massive acrylic block, from which the luminaire is produced, will surprise you with its transparent and unobtrusive lightness.
Radiant festive table with the 2012 BRUCK lighting highlights

Turn your dining table into a luminous centre point. Particularly during Christmas and New Year's Eve, life pulsates in the dining room - relatives and friends celebrate around the dining table. Here, the whole family comes together to eat, play, do handicrafts and bake.
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